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Main courante Cheretti

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Tube Dafne
2,5 Tube Dafne 12892503812
Design en acier inoxydable, 38,1 mm (1,5"), 2500 mm

Embout crosse Trudie
Design en acier inoxydable

Adaptateur tube 45° Anike
38,1 mm (1,5")

Rosace Eolia
3 Rosace Eolia 12050103812
Design en acier inoxydable, 38,1 mm (1,5")
Prévisualisation Numéro de produit : Longueur
Informations sur le produit "Main courante Cheretti"

The CHERETTI handrail has end curves for a curved finish and is mounted on the wall at a 45° angle. The handrail is suitable for wall mounting and, in addition to the end bends, consists of the Dafne tube, spacers with a 45° angle and rosettes with a hole.

The handrail is ideal for use on stairs or banisters.

The Cheretti handrail is available in stainless steel design in lengths of 2500 mm and 5000 mm and has a diameter of 38.1 mm.

On request also with dimensions according to your wishes.

Propriétés "Main courante Cheretti"
Diamètre Ø: 38,1 mm (1,5")
Ensemble de produits: Oui
Finition: Design en Inox
Fixation: Mur
Longueur: 2500 mm