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Support pour tablettes en verre Franca

Prévisualisation Numéro de produit : Surface
Informations sur le produit "Support pour tablettes en verre Franca"

The FRANCA glass plate support is ideal for use with shelves, cupboards and shelves. The rectangular glass holder is screwed into the cupboard or shelf wall and the glass plate is clamped into the support. The simple assembly allows a quick application and the glass plate does not require a hole for attachment and is fixed with a grub screw. A rubber insert protects the glass plate from slipping and scratches.

Propriétés "Support pour tablettes en verre Franca"
Ensemble de produits: Non
Finition: Design en Inox
Épaisseur de verre: 6 mm, 6,38 mm, 6,76 mm, 8 mm, 8,38 mm, 8,76 mm, 9,52 mm, 10 mm
Épaisseur de verre: 6 - 10 mm