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Support pour tablettes en verre Malu

Prévisualisation Numéro de produit : Surface
Informations sur le produit "Support pour tablettes en verre Malu"

The free-floating MALU glass plate support supports glass plates with a maximum depth of 150 mm. Thanks to the bar, the leverage is better transferred to the wall and thus allows heavier loads. The glass plate support is mounted directly on the wall. This results in numerous applications, for example as a shelf or as a shelf in the bathroom.

The Malu carrier is suitable for glass thicknesses of 6 - 10 mm and is available in stainless steel or chrome.

Propriétés "Support pour tablettes en verre Malu"
Ensemble de produits: Non
Finition: Design en Inox
Épaisseur de verre: 6 mm, 6,38 mm, 6,76 mm, 8 mm, 8,38 mm, 8,76 mm, 9,52 mm, 10 mm
Épaisseur de verre: 6 - 10 mm