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Hydraulic patch fitting Levi

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Product information "Hydraulic patch fitting Levi"
  • Suitable for 8-10 mm glass 
  • Suitable for max. door width 900 mm and max. door height 3.000 mm 
  • Tested for 500,000 cycles in accordance with EN 1154 according to the European standard 
  • Surfaces: stainless steel or black design 
  • Suitable for max. door weight 100 kg With improved zero position adjustment 
  • With 90° hold-open when the door is open 
  • Suitable for medical practices, hotels, schools, offices, private living spaces and public buildings 
  • 2-way adjustable closing speed (90°-30° und 30°-0°)
  • Floor leveling element Bottom 8mm required Glass processing necessary 
  • Includes a unique designed floor bearing for the floor 
  • 3-Way adjustment +/- 3.5 mm horizontal, +/- 5 mm left / right and +/- 5 ° floor adjustment 
  • For opening and closing swing doors
Properties "Hydraulic patch fitting Levi"
Djustable zero position: no
Door type: Swinging
Finish: Stainless steel design
Glass cut outs: yes
Glasstärke: 10 mm
Hydraulic: yes
Material: Aluminium
Mounting type: Floor
Opening direction: DIN left / DIN right
Self-closing: yes
max. door height: 3000 mm
max. door weight: 100 kg
max. door width: 900 mm
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45-0106-000-xx.dxf CAD file 2.60 MB dxf
45-0106-000-xx_technic_G-FITTINGS.pdf Datasheet 696.93 KB pdf