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Flush angles

Flush angles in stainless steel design - for round and square tubes

Pipe connectors are available in numerous variants. Pipe connectors appear as a T-piece, with a 90° angle with a round or square branch.

The Zamak fittings in stainless steel design are produced for round and square tubes.

The high-quality tube connectors are suitable as components for handrails, footrails, fences, furniture and railings. The pipe connectors and the associated stainless steel pipes are used in private living areas and in commercial buildings alike.

Tubes and rods

Tubes and rods are the basic structure of the tube racking systems and all products that result from the connecting elements. Pipe connectors connect the selected pipes either after the maximum length of the pipe is reached or when the pipe needs a branch. In this way, angles of 90°, 45° or 120° can be created and the pipe can be steered in the desired direction using the connector.
The tube connectors are available for round and square tubes and in a wide range of designs, such as stainless steel, silver anodized or black.

Areas of application

Pipe connectors, as well as supports and adapters are essential components for more complex and larger furnishing systems that are created from pipe connection systems, such as sneeze guard models, hygiene protection, bottle shelves or hand and foot rails.