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Glass canopy systems

Canopies made of glass offer not only an aesthetic and modern look, but also reliable protection from wind and weather. Discover the wide range of possibilities and be inspired by the numerous advantages of a canopy made of glass!
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Optimal protection from wind and weather

With a canopy made of glass you protect your entrance area from wind and weather and give your house a modern look. Our canopies made of glass are particularly stable and durable and are available in various designs.

Unique drainage system ensures optimum drainage

The frameless canopy system SOPHIA impresses with a narrow wall clamping profile made of high-quality aluminum. The combination of wall clamp profile and special glass ensures an extraordinary load-bearing capacity of up to 150 kilos per square meter. The canopy has a maximum projection of 130 cm. The maximum profile width is 500 cm. At this maximum width, the glass is distributed over two to three individual panes, thus facilitating installation. SOPHIA convinces with a unique drainage system, which directs the rainwater sideways out of the profile.

Optionally, you can make your entrance area a real eye-catcher by equipping the wall clamp profile with our LED Flexband set. This illuminates your canopy indirectly and can also serve as an orientation light without additional lights. Decide between neutral, white light or RGB with color change.

Product features
  • Canopy complete set
  • Frameless system with narrow wall clamp profile
  • Impressively light, elegant design
  • No glass drilling necessary
  • No tie rods required
  • Easy mounting and concealed fastening
  • Multiple wall profiles can be mounted in a row
  • Innovative drainage system for rainwater
  • Optional LED lighting possible
  • Maximum projection of 130 cm
  • Load capacity: 1.5 kN/m²
  • Different lengths available - cut to size
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Maximum load capacity without length limitation

FARAH cantilever canopy system with wall clamp profile is a modern and elegant solution for house entrances, windows, stores, balconies, etc. Thanks to the wall clamp profile, the canopy system is free from disturbing tension rods and thus offers a clear and minimalist look. The system is made of high-quality aluminum and is attached to the house wall without a substructure or suspension. Additional safety pins fix the glass in the profile and prevent it from slipping out.

Product features
  • Canopy complete set with end caps
  • Frameless system with narrow wall clamping profile
  • Impressively light, elegant design
  • Safety pins in the glass ensure maximum safety
  • Glass inclination can be subsequently adjusted
  • No tie rods required
  • Easy installation and concealed fixing
  • Multiple wall profiles can be mounted in a row
  • Optional LED lighting possible
  • Max. 1500 mm projection (with 25.52 mm SentryGlas®)
  • Certified load capacity up to 200 kg/sqm without glass weight (tested up to 300 kg/sqm)
  • Various lengths available - cut to size and delivered
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Glasvordach, freitragend, 2920x1xxx46
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Glass canopy with stainless steel tension rods

In our canopy system DITTIE, stainless steel tension rods above the glass provide stability and safety. From below, it is supported by glass wall brackets. Thanks to this type of mounting, the suspended canopy offers incredible flexibility in installation and charmingly sets off your entrance area. The number of supports depends on the selected glass width and depth, so secure support is guaranteed even for large canopies. By using several glass panes with the corresponding point holders, DITTIE is also suitable for roofing large areas. The individual glass panes can be joined together with our universal sealing profile LARA.

On request, the glass of the canopy DITTIE can be cut to size according to your preferred appearance and the structural requirements.

Product features
  • Canopy complete set with tension struts and point glass holder made of stainless steel
  • High-quality V2A rust-resistant stainless steel fasteners
  • Modern and high quality design
  • Canopy with curved glass possible
  • Uncomplicated and simple assembly
  • Easy care material
  • Suitable for glass thickness from 10 mm - 17.52 mm
  • Load capacity of up to 2.51 kN/m2
  • Individual dimensions, cuts and fastenings
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Do you have any questions? We have the answers for you! If you still can't find a solution to your problem, contact us.
We will be happy to help you with your glass canopies request.

A glass canopy system is a type of roofing installed over the entrance area of a building to provide protection from the elements such as rain, snow and sunlight. The canopy consists of a high quality aluminum profile or stainless steel wall fixtures and safety glass glazing.

A canopy system made of glass offers many advantages, including:

  • Protection from the weather: Rain, snow and sunlight can not reach the entrance area of the building.
  • Increasing energy efficiency: a canopy system made of glass can help reduce heat loss in winter and reduce solar radiation in summer.
  • Improving aesthetics: a canopy system made of glass can improve the appearance of the building and give it a modern touch.

In the case of canopies made of glass, a distinction is made between cantilever canopies and canopies with tension struts.

  • Free-standing canopies are attached to the wall of the house with a wall clamp profile.
  • Point-supported canopy systems are attached to the house wall using tie rods and wall brackets.

Glass canopy systems usually use safety glass or laminated glass. Safety glass is specially tempered to increase its strength and durability and reduce the risk of breakage and injury. Laminated glass consists of multiple layers of glass and polymer to provide greater strength and safety.

Yes, glass canopy systems can usually be customized to meet individual needs. There are a variety of designs and sizes to choose from to ensure that the canopy system fits the building perfectly.

The cost of a glass canopy system varies depending on the size, design and materials. A simple glass canopy system can cost from a few hundred euros, while a larger and more complex glass canopy system with multiple profiles can quickly cost several thousand euros. Our trained staff will be happy to advise you and provide you with a non-binding offer.

We offer different lengths of our canopy systems. The cantilever construction for the all-glass canopy SOPHIA and FARAH are suitable for a width up to 500 cm. If your entrance area exceeds a width of 5 m, please contact our experts for an individual solution.

Canopy system with point holders is the ideal solution for smaller house and entrance doors.

SentryGlas® is a brand name for a special material used in the manufacture of laminated glass. It is a laminated glass consisting of several layers, one or more of which are made of the SentryGlas® material.

If the canopy system is mounted on an ETICS wall, an additional support structure must usually be installed to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed and the wall is not damaged. It is also important that the fixing points of the support structure in the ETICS wall are sufficiently fixed and stabilized to hold the canopy system securely.

When mounting on composite thermal insulation systems, we recommend the use of HIK Iso brackets from HILTI. Further information under:

The optimal roof pitch for a glass canopy depends on a number of factors, including the size of the canopy, weather conditions, location, and desired aesthetics. However, a roof pitch between 5° and 15° is usually considered ideal for glass canopies.

The SOPHIA wall clamping profile clamps the glass pane firmly and securely from both sides. Additional locking pins on FARAH also prevent the pane from slipping out.

A canopy made of glass can be used in many different places and buildings. Here are some examples:

  • Residential buildings: A glass canopy can be installed on the front door of a home to provide protection from rain and snow for visitors while enhancing the appearance of the home.
  • Commercial and office buildings: A glass canopy can be installed on the entrance door of a store or office building to provide customers and employees with protection from the elements and make the building more attractive.
  • Hotels and Restaurants: A glass canopy can be installed on the front door of a hotel or restaurant to provide shelter for guests while enhancing the appearance of the building.
  • Schools and public buildings: A glass canopy can be installed on the entrance door of schools and public buildings to provide visitors with protection from the elements while improving the appearance of the building.

Yes, there are several options for glass canopy lighting to create attractive and functional lighting.

A popular option is to integrate LED lighting into the canopy system itself. This involves integrating LED strips into the wall clamping profile or frame of the canopy to create uniform and effective lighting. This option can be particularly useful for illuminating building entrances or creating atmospheric lighting for outdoor areas such as patios or balconies.

A drainage system in our canopy of glass SOPHIA refers to the system used to drain rainwater and other liquids from the side of the canopy. An effective drainage system is important to prevent water from collecting on the surface of the canopy, which can not only affect the appearance, but also cause damage to the canopy and the underlying structure.