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Glasstrennwand Bodenschiene Teaser


Our glass partitions offer unlimited possibilities for interior finishing.
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Complete system

With us you get everything you need for an all-glass wall: Profiles, doors, glass, lock cases, door handles, seals, connecting adhesive tape and much more. Everything from one source! - it couldn't be easier.

Quick assembly

A completely new system developed by us together with craftsmen. A range of profiles with easy-to-assemble, smart solutions provide great results. The pre-assembled rubber seals in the profiles ensure that the glass wall can now be installed by one person. The system has many adjustment options and outstanding stability.

Customized solutions

We offer you a very large standard range. Based on this, we can adapt profiles, glass and doors to your requirements. Together with us you can create unique solutions.

High availability

Not only are we a complete solution provider and competitive in price, but we can also guarantee fast delivery as we have door frames, aluminum profiles and accessories in stock at all times.

High quality aluminum profiles

G-Fittings all-glass walls are made of slim aluminum profiles with integrated rubber seals and are designed for large glass panels with vertical glue joints. The glass is divided into the desired modules made to measure or according to drawings.

The system consists of U and UL profiles in 2 widths and several heights. Glass from 8 - 21,52 mm can be used. Door frames are supplied with 2D adjustable jamb hinges and can be used for both wooden and glass doors..

  • aluminum profiles in three finishes
  • simple hinge fastening
  • Can be flexibly combined with skylight, side panel or as partition wall
  • Can be used DIN right and left
  • Quick installation thanks to clever profile system
  • Sound insulation up to 44 dB
Aluminiumprofile in Edelstahl und Schwarz
Aluminium Zarge mit Glasscheibe für die Deckenmontage

U-profile - ceiling

U-profiles with a height of 30, 40 and 60 mm can be used on the ceiling. A glazing gasket is mounted on the inside of the U-profile.

Aluminium Zarge mit Glasscheibe für die Bodenmontage

UL profile - floor

UL profiles with 30 or 40 mm can be used on the floor. The profile is divided into two parts and the closing profile is clipped in after the glass is mounted. The glass is adjusted with spacer blocks on the bottom.

Aluminiumprofil mit Glas für die Wandmontage

UL profile - wall

UL profiles with 30 and 40 mm can be used on the wall. The profile is divided into two parts and the closing profile is clipped in after the glass is mounted.

Zargenprofile in der Eckansicht mit Glasscheibe in Edelstahl Design

U-profile - corner

The profiles can be easily adapted to the specific situation. The glass is glued with a connecting adhesive tape.

Zargenprofil Tuerrahmen

Door frame profile

Door frame profile can be used for wooden and glass doors. It has an additional rail for fixed glass adjacent to the sides and top. The door frame is mounted after the floor and ceiling profiles are mounted.

Tuerband bzw. Scharnier an Glastür

Door hinges

The glass door hinges are designed to be 2D adjustable. This means that the door can be adjusted quickly and easily. Hydraulic and self-closing or for wooden doors? Choose for yourself. There are up to three hinges on a standard door.

Schlosskasten mit Drücker Edelstahl

Lock case

Lock case including lever handle in stainless steel design are available as "Office and Studio". Can be supplied prepared for cylinder. Can also be prepared and supplied for access control with integrated electric bolt in the frame.

Verbindungsklebeband für Glastrennwand, 912810xxx00

Connecting adhesive tape

Connecting adhesive tape made of silicone joint tape is used to connect glass surfaces. The tape is transparent and available in various widths.

First-class sound insulation for more peace and privacy

Soundproofing is an important component in many areas of daily life. From residential buildings to public spaces such as schools and hospitals, it is important to reduce noise levels and ensure a pleasant room sound.

You can choose between high-quality toughened safety glass (ESG) and laminated safety glass. Our laminated safety glass offers the option of integrating a so-called acoustic film between the two panes, which additionally absorbs sound.

Our partition wall system is equally suitable for private, hospital and office rooms and achieves a noise insulation of up to 44 dB.

Glass Glass thickness Noise reduction
TSG (tempered safety glass) 10,00 mm 32 dB
LSG (laminated safety glass) 10,76 mm 34 dB
LSG (laminated safety glass) 12,76 mm 37 dB
LSG (laminated safety glass) 16,76 mm 40 dB
LSG (laminated safety glass) 20,76 mm 41 dB
LSG + acoustic foil 12,76 mm 40 dB
LSG + acoustic foil 16,76 mm 42 dB
LSG + acoustic foil 20,76 mm 44 dB

Sturdy and flexible door hinges: the perfect choice for smooth operation

Our door hinges offer heavy-duty durability and are designed for use in commercial and industrial environments. They are robust enough to withstand the demands of daily use and provide smooth operation for many years to come. Choose from a variety of designs and finishes to find your perfect hinge.

Smarte Profile für schnelle Montage

Die Zargenprofile sind speziell für moderne Anwendungen konzipiert und bieten zahlreiche Vorteile für Architekten, Bauherren und Endverbraucher. Die smarten Details ermöglichen eine einfache Montage und sorgen für eine optimale Performance der Profile.

Die Zargenprofile eignen sich sowohl für Glas-Wand- als auch für Ganzglasanlagen. Um die Türbänder zu befestigen, müssen Sie diese einfach mit den beiliegenden Schrauben in den vorgebohrten Löchern fixieren. Die stabilen Eckverbinder gewährleisten eine sichere Verbindung der Gehrungen. Das Türblatt kann sowohl DIN rechts als auch DIN links verwendet werden. Die Zarge ist für Türen mit einer Dicke von 8 - 21,52 mm aus ESG/VSG bei einer Falztiefe von bis zu 40 mm geeignet.

Wir kennen den Markt und die Herausforderungen, deshalb haben wir eine komplett neue Montage entwickelt und konstruiert: Ein montage-effizientes System mit vormontierter Gummidichtung in jedem Profil.

Choosing the right profile

The choice of profiles to be used depends on the size of the installation and the thickness of the glass. We offer various dimensions and designs in three finishes.
Let us inspire you and discover the many possibilities offered by glass partition wall systems with aluminum profiles!

Dimensions U-profile

  • 30 x 25 x 30 mm
  • 40 x 25 x 30 mm
  • 40 x 33 x 40 mm
  • 60 x 25 x 60 mm

All profiles are available to a length of 2900 mm.

Aluminium U-Profil Zargenprofil

Dimensions UL profile

  • 30 x 25 x 30 mm
  • 40 x 25 x 40 mm
  • 40 x 33 x 40 mm

All profiles are available to a length of 2900 mm.

ul-profil in Edelstahl Design

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