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Square tube connector 90° with 1 outlet 90° Kyara

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Product information "Square tube connector 90° with 1 outlet 90° Kyara"

The square pipe connector KYARA has a 90° branch and the connections are also at a 90° angle to one another, thus forming a corner connector. The stainless steel connector is available in dimensions of 20x20 mm and 35x35 mm and connects square tubes such as our Carlotta square tube.

The square tube is glued and pushed onto the ends of the corner connector - this makes it easy to assemble the tubes without welding. The outside of the tubes are flush with the connector.

Pipes connected in this way are used in a variety of ways - including as handrails, footrails, boundaries and barriers, in a sneeze guard or tray slides.

Properties "Square tube connector 90° with 1 outlet 90° Kyara"
Dimensions: 20 x 20 mm
Finish: Stainless steel design
Product set: No